We are interested in taking single molecule measurements in living cells to study the organization, function, and dynamics of cellular processes.

Recent News

( January, 2018) BCMB first year student Claudia Carcamo joins lab for her second rotation

(December, 2017) Congratulations to Xiaoli Weng for completing her PhD.

(June 16 – 20, 2017)  Single-Cell Biophysics Thematic Meeting

(May 9th, 2017) Xinxing to receive the Paul Ehrlich Research Award in the Mountcastle Auditorium.


Past News and Events

Upcoming Events

Inaugural Cell Biophysics Subgroup meeting (http://www.biophysics.org/2018meeting/Program/SubgroupSaturday/CellBiophysics/tabid/7468/Default.aspx) at Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, San Fransisco, Feb 17-21, 2018

Select Publications

Yang, X., Lyu, Z., Miguel, A., McQuillen, R., Huang, K.C., and Xiao, J., GTPase activity-coupled treadmilling of the bacterial tubulin FtsZ organizes septal cell wall synthesis. Science, 2017. 355(6326): p. 744-747.

Coltharp, C., Buss, J., Plumer, T.M., and Xiao, J., Defining the rate-limiting processes of bacterial cytokinesis. PNAS, 2016. 113(8): p. E1044-53.

Buss J, Coltharp C., Shtengel G, Yang X, Hess H and Xiao J., Al multi-layered protein network maintains the stability of the FtsZ-ring and modulate constriction dynamics in E. coli, PLoS Genetics, 2015, Apr 7;11(4):e1005128.

Hensel Z.,Weng X., Lagda A., Xiao J., Transcription factor mediated DNA looping probed by high-resolution, single-molecule imaging in live E. coli cells, 2013, PLoS Biology, 11(6): e1001591.

Hensel Z., Feng H., Han B., Hatem C., Wang J., Xiao J., Stochastic expression dynamics of transcription factor revealed by single-molecule noise analysis, Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 2012,

Guo F., Huang T., Buss J., Coltharp C., Hensel Z., Xiao J., In vivo structure of the E. coli FtsZ-ring revealed by photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM), PLoS One, 2010, 5, e12680.